Own the Upside,

Avoid the Downside Trailer

Purchased by Polk Sheriff's Charities, Inc. 

Own the Upside, Avoid the Downside Trailer is an exhibit that serves as a unique and effective educational resource for parents, school professionals, social workers, etc.

Groups will first hear a 20 minute presentation with pertinent information, then a 30 minute walk through of the trailer and finally 10 minutes for any questions that may come up. 

In the trailer, there is a replica of a teen’s bedroom designed to teach how to recognize clues signaling potential involvement in drugs and risky behaviors that may be visible in plain sight or easily concealed in everyday items and seemingly ordinary belongings in the room.

What is OTUS Avoid the Downside?

What do we see?

Participants walk through what appears to be the bedroom of a typical 11- to 18-year-old teen, interact with objects throughout the room, and ask questions to gain critical insight into the possibility of their child being involved in substance abuse and other dangerous behaviors including sexual activity, gang activity, guns, eating disorders, and cutting.


The display is designed for adults only due to the sensitive nature of the material presented.


A minimum of 9ft by 20ft to park the trailer

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