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Your Role: Own It!



Be the BEST role model possible. 

Help your kids make smart decisions. 

Teach them it's okay to be who they are. 

Have dinner as a family regularly. 

Involve kids in healthy activities. 

Encourage them to hang with friends they trust. 

Focus on the Upside. 

One of the best things you can do to help your child stay away from risky behaviors is strive to be the best role model possible. Think about the choices you make and the effect those choices may have on your child. Your wise decisions will provide an example that can empower your children to make healthy choices in their own lives. 

Be the BEST role model possible.

Help them make smart decisions.


Talking about potential risky situations before they occur can help your child make the right decisions. For example, talk with your child about underage drinking situations they may encounter at a party. Suggest scenarios and practice role play on how to deal with situations. Discuss what your child might do if they find themselves in such a situation.

Teach them it's okay to be who they are.


Children need our attention and support to help develop their self-esteem and confidence. When we help our kids develop self-esteem, we can help them become all they are meant to be. It may be difficult for teens to understand that it’s ok to be themselves. They often feel pressure to be part of a certain crowd. Teaching your kids to be their own person will help build their confidence level. Teens who are confident in who they are are less likely to participate in risky behaviors, such as abusing drugs and alcohol. In fact, some studies now show that acting “cool" does not necessarily lead to being popular. Help them focus on goals they want to accomplish. Explain that decisions they make today can affect their future aspirations. Remind them that they should be proud to be who they and continue to reinforce their positive qualities often. 


"10 Things" is a fun exercise to help your child become more confident and comfortable with who they are. Sit down together and each of you create a list of ten qualities you admire about your child. These should be qualities that are not based on physical traits. Once you have finished making your list, share them with one another and discuss why you chose the qualities that you did. 


For more information on the studies about "cool kid" success rates, click here

Students who are engaged in extracurricular activities are more likely to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and other risky behaviors. Encourage your child to get involved in activities that they feel passionate about or in which they have an interest. Whether it be band, sports, clubs, or student government, help and support them in their search to find where they fit in so that they can become the best version of themselves!

Present them with Healthy Distractions.

Allow your child to hang out with other students who you feel are trustworthy. Limit the time they spend with friends that you do not trust. Children are more likely to make smart and healthy decisions when they have the strong support of like-minded peers who are encouraging in a positive and healthy way. 

Encourage them to hang with friends they trust

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