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Own the Upside is an initiative of the Drug Free Coalition partnership of Hardee, Highlands, and Polk counties in Central Florida that was founded on a single idea: Celebrate the Positives!

Unfortunately, most people have become accustomed to believing only the discouraging news, or the negatives we see and hear on television and in popular music lyrics. We tend to forget there are some incredibly encouraging positives to celebrate ... what we call the "Upside."

Data collected through the Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey (FYSAS) tells us that most of our kids don't engage in risky behaviors. Attitudes about abuse are shaped well before our children reach adulthood. We can impact their future now by supporting and investing in prevention programs and services that reduce access, identify risky behaviors, change community attitudes towards alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, and empower youth to make positive healthy choices. Let's make it a point to focus on rewarding positive behaviors that will continue to inspire our youth to make smart and healthy decisions.

About Us


  • The coalition for teens by teens, educating and empowering teens to make healthy decisions and take action against alcohol, tobacco, and drug use

StandUP Polk

  • A group of concerned citizens, law enforcement, key community and business leaders working as the Coalition for a Drug-Free Polk to bring about positive change for Polk

InnerAct Alliance

  • InnerAct Alliance, formerly the Drug Prevention Resource Center, was established in 1985 to reduce the abuse and underage use of harmful substances along with involvement in other risky behaviors through: Community Awareness and Involvement; Prevention Education; Economic Support; and Leadership Development. The agency serves the Hardee, Highlands and Polk County communities with prevention services including science-based education for elementary and middle school, and awareness events that touch the lives of youth, parents, families, businessesfaith-based organizations, and others with an important substance abuse prevention message. InnerAct Alliance serves as the fiscal agent for the StandUP Polk and UthMpact Coalitions for a Drug-Free Polk. 

Learn More About Our Coalition Partners for A Drug Free Community. 

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